The Things You Must Need to Know About the Russian Bear Dog

Your opinion of this dog breed will rely absolutely on what stop of the leash you’re on. With their family, this is a loving gentle large. With all people they deem to be a threat, the Russian endure dog becomes a dangerous pressure to be reckoned with.

Stay with us to study what’s this breed and what you can expect from proudly owning one

What’s a Russian bear dog?

The Russian Bear dog originated within the Caucasus mountain vicinity wherein it becomes basically used for protecting sheep herds in opposition to predators which protected packs of wolves and bears. because of that, fearlessness, protectiveness, and sheer energy outline this breed.

Because the breed unfolds throughout the world, it becomes given some of the names, together with:

  • Caucasian Mountain Shepherd
  • Caucasian Ovcharka
  • Caucasian Shepherd
  • Caucasian Shepherd dog
  • Caucasian Mountain dog

Within the United Kenn Club (UKC), this breed is registered because of the Caucasian Ovcharka. the yank Kennel Club (AKC), on the other hand, refers to it because of the Caucasian Shepherd dog.

No matter what you name this behemoth of a dog, it’s one that has to be reputable by using all and feared with the aid of each person or something it considers a risk.

How big is the Russian Bear Dog?

Those puppies are massive, formally measuring 23 to 30 inches (fifty-eight – seventy-six cm) at the shoulder with a few said to be even larger. They officially weigh in from 99 to 170 pounds (forty-five – 77 kg), however, there have been some that develop to nearly two hundred pounds (90 kg).

Even as ladies can be a bit smaller than their male counterparts, they’re nevertheless large puppies, and similarly competitive toward strangers. females with dogs can be even extra risky due to the fact they may instinctively defend their dogs.

The Records Of The Russian Bear Dog

Although it is unknown exactly wherein those dogs came from in view that there are a few theories, it’s far recognized that they got here from the Caucasus area which is made of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and southeastern Russia.

Those dogs had been bred for their protective nature so that they might help the shepherds with guarding the sheep. unlike different sheepdogs, they don’t herd sheep however alternatively surely shield them.

The biggest threat to sheep within the Caucasus place is wolves, so the Russian endure dog was bred to be big sufficient to take in this danger. most shepherds employed several Caucasian Mountain puppies to paintings together to take on more than one wolves.

Alternatively, the shepherds needed a dog that knew the distinction between an intruder and the sheep themselves. for this reason, there has been adding a whole lot of loyalty bred into them.

As those dogs have been raised next to the sheep, the shepherd, and the shepherd’s family, they discovered who becomes a friend and who turned into a foe. in any case, a canine that is just competitive in well-known isn’t always very beneficial.

These days, humans inside the Caucasus region nevertheless use the Caucasian Ovcharka to shield sheep, proving that this breed does their process well. It’s also used as a safety dog or guard dog for plenty of other people around the arena.

Even as a few humans may additionally attempt to preserve one as a family puppy, the Russian endure dog does lots better once they have a process to do, and is not one that can be handled or trained by using a green proprietor.

In case you are thinking about getting a Caucasian Mountain Shepherd, then it’s essential that you realize about the care that is going into this high-quality animal.

After this segment on care, there could be a few frequently-requested questions about this breed to help you recognize it better and understand if one could be proper for you.

Dietary desires of the Russian Bear Dog

What you feed a Russian bear dog can have a massive impact on the rest in their life. that is particularly true whilst you get one as a domestic dog.

Dogs of this length don’t normally end developing until they’re 2 years vintage, which means that they want to be on domestic dog food for that long. however, earlier than you clutch any old bag of domestic dog food, take a closer to take a look at the ingredients.

Dogs want food with the proper quantity of energy and calcium. large breeds of dogs just like the Caucasian Mountain Shepherd are liable to problems like elbow and hip dysplasia, so it’s critical they get the proper quantity of calcium while they are younger.

Even though it is able to appear ordinary, an excessive amount of calcium and too many calories are both difficult for younger massive-breed puppies. They need to develop as slowly as feasible to make certain that the whole thing paperwork nicely. this may greatly lessen their possibilities of developing these bone problems.

Once your domestic dog has formally grown into a grownup canine, you need to keep feeding them a dog food so as to healthy their needs. Glucosamine is something this is mainly beneficial for stopping and treating some of joint and bone disorders, something the Russian endure dog is prone to broaden.

Grooming requirements

The Russian dog has a long, double coat that could make it difficult to care for0.

How regularly you need to groom them will rely on the period of their fur and the season. All puppies will want to be groomed more regularly in the spring. that is when they shed their heavy winter weather coat.

In case your Caucasian Ovcharka has shorter fur, you then might be capable of get away with brushing them simply 2 – three instances at some stage in the week for the relaxation of the yr. but, in case your dog has longer fur, then you may want to sweep them daily.

It’s fine to take your dog to a groomer frequently if you’re no longer going to have the time to dedicate to brushing them at domestic. simply understand that this breed has to by no means be shaved.

They have a double coat for a purpose. It maintains them cooler within the summer season and hotter within the wintry weather, but shaving it will take the ones homes away.

if your Russian endure dog’s coat will become tangled, then it’s essential to get it untangled as soon as possible. What can be a small tangle these days may want to turn into a huge mat of hair in only a few weeks, which might be not possible to do away with.

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